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A Grand Arrival
part II
30 May, Thursday

"The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble, and he knoweth them that trust Him." Nahum 1:7

The labour went very quickly once things got going. I found my emotions were far harder to deal with than the actual pains, soon my baby would be thrust into a world of medical procedures from the comfort and safety of being inside mummy. However ready or not, Samuel Edward Jones was born at 6.00pm on the 30th of May 2001, weighing in at 4035g (or, 8lb, 15oz).

After his initial brief check up I was able to spend about 5 minutes with my son, before the Paediatricians whisked him off to NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Paul followed close behind to be with Samuel.

Thankfully, the birth left me without any need for stitches, so I could get up and have a shower right away with the help of my mum. Only one of my legs was working – which would have made for quite a sight! They needed the labour room for the next patient, so I was briskly moved to Ward 34 for the night. I was alone sharing a dark room with two other ladies, everyone else had gone home and Paul and my baby were on another floor in the hospital. A nurse came in and asked if I was OK, I promptly burst into tears.

Me in ward 34 with Sam's first portrait

It wasn’t too long before Paul came to check on me and give me a progress report on Samuel. He also brought a photo taken in NICU to keep by my bed. I was fairly desperate to see my new boy, so Paul found a wheelchair and took me down to see him.

Samuel was lying in NICU attached to drips and monitors, but thankfully he looked quite peaceful. I felt helpless with him there like that, I couldn’t hold or nurse him. After a while I headed back to my room, said goodnight to Paul and spent the night in a restless sleep. Samuel had a nurse by his side all night, so I knew he would be well looked after. However, this didn’t lessen my longing to be near him.

My first visit with Sam in NICU

Just 3 hours old

31 May – 5 June

"Lord, Increase our faith." Luke 17:5

At 7.30am we were all loaded up in an Ambulance and said goodbye to National Women’s Hospital and headed over to Greenlane Hospital – which was actually only across the car park.

Samuel after his Balloon Septostomy in ICU

Samuel was taken straight to ICU and we had to leave while they did a procedure called a Balloon Septostomy, where they tore a little hole between the chambers of the heart, through a catheter, to allow the blue and red blood to mix, this would keep him alive until his surgery a week later.

The same afternoon he was moved up to ward 9, this is where we would be for the following week and watch babies recover from surgery and go home, complication free. We felt sure we’d have Samuel home within a couple of weeks.

Samuel started learning about breast feeding and nappy changes, and that mum and dad were the friendly ones without the needles.

Getting ready for the big day

Passing the time, reading books with daddy


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