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The Jones Family

We haven't updated this page for quite a while - we are now both busy with photography and have been happily married for 13 years...

We recently did a blog post on Sam's latest progress - check out our photography blog. Sam is doing fantastically - he is 7 now and a normal happy and very healthy boy.

Paul & Jessica Jones
Happily married for 6 years, Paul works as a Studio Manager at MeyerSmith, and Jessica is the very busy mother of their four kids.  In a perfect world they would spend most of their time listening to music and eating chocolate (on a tropical island), while spending time with the kids..


Kimberly Laura Jones:
Kimberly is 5 years old, is home schooled and she loves ballet, reading, anything pink and Suzy Cato.   


Emily Louise Jones:
Emily is 4 in November.  Loves talking, dancing, dressing up and cuddles.


Georgia Lee Jones:
Georgia is 2 in October.  Loves singing and listening to 'mumic' (music), fruit, dollies and copying anything her big sisters do.


Samuel Edward Jones:
Sam is currently 4 months old, cute as a button and thoroughly adored by everyone.  He loves his musical mobile, mummy's milk and is just getting the idea of baby rice, loves lots of cuddles (although will grunt after too many kisses!)

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